We offer a full range of FRP products includings, railings, ladders, stairs, plates and work platforms. 

In addition to our standard FRP stair solutions and structural products, we provide products with resin formulations engineered for specific corrosion, safety and strength requirements in a variety of custom shapes and colors. 

Molded Grating Mix 
Molded Gratings 

Manufactured using an open mold process, providing bi-directional strength and durability, and delivering years of reliable performance in even the most demanding, corrosive conditions. 


  Pultruded Grating Mix

Pultruded Gratings 

A ratio of 70% glass to 30% resin - providing twice the stiffness of molded grating, allowing it to span greater distances 



Genius Ladder Products

  Providing increased safety for workers with non conductive and slip resistant ladders 




Genius Guardrail & Handrail Products 

Offering a low maintenance, corrosion free alternative to traditional metallic railings 


Pultruded Profile 

Genius Structural Shapes 

Offering a variety of Genius© uding channels, pultruded structural profiles including channels, beams, angles, tubes, concrete embedment angles and more.


Custom Profile 

Custom Pultrusions 

Manufacturing custom product solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers 



Fiberglass Plate 

Solid surface, slip resistant flooring 



FRP Work Platform

Work Platforms 

Improveing ergonomic and safety benefits for workers while providing optimum height positioning 


FRP Metering Pump Stand

Metering Pump Stands   

Utilizing our fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) molded gratings, Genius© solid FRP Plate and Genius© structural shapes, Genius© is now offers floor and wall mounted pump stands/tables.


FRP Stair Tread 

Stair Solutions 

Select from a variety of slip resistant options for new construction or renovation of existing stairways 


FRP Accessories

Accessories / Complementary Products 

Complementary products and accessories to accompany our full line of FRP products 


Specialty Products Photo 

  Unique Product Solutions 

Continuing to pursue and develop specialized FRP product solutions to meet specific needs or industry requirements 


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Steel Grating

Steel  grating is flat steel and twisted steel welded together, steel  grating durable, relative to other products more affordable


Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope

The steel wire rope is twisted by a multi-layer steel wire, and then the core as the center, by a certain number of shares twisted into a spiral rope.


  FRP products resistant to a variety of chemical media corrosion, the use of long cycle, never rust, free of maintenance, lightweight, high strength, and easy to cut, install, beautiful appearance, design capability and other characteristics, has high comprehensive economic benefits. The use of metal materials in the presence of corrosive gases or liquids in the production areas will result in rapid corrosion even if measures such as anti-corrosion protection are taken to affect safety in production, reduce production efficiency and increase maintenance costs. Choose Greenlogy FRP products do not have to worry about such problems. At present Greenlogy FRP products, use, sales have been standardized, serialized, commercialized, the demand is very large. FRP products is the most economical and reasonable use of materials in corrosive environments.