Genius Molded Grating

Genius© Molded Gratings     

FRP grating with bi-directional strength and corrosion resistance; available in a variety of resins, colors, depths, panel sizes and mesh configurations


High Load Molded Grating

High Load Molded Grating     

Heavy-duty grating engineered to handle forklift and vehicular traffic


Genius Mini Mesh Molded Grating

Genius© Molded Grating       

Offering bi-directional strength and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant flooring


Genius Imitate  Pultruded Molded Grating

Genius© Imitate  Pultruded Molded Grating

Our newest additionto our product line - specifically designed for docks and marinas; meets American with Disabilities (ADA) and US Corp of Engineers Standards for coastal docks


Covered Molded Grating

Covered Grating    

Solid surface for walkways and odor control


Genius Screening

Genius© Screening    

Screening with 87% open area for superior air flow


Genius Grating

Genius© Grating      

Lightweight FRP grating designed for screening or protective flooring applications


Conductive Molded Grating

Conductive Top Grating     

Anti-static surface for molded gratings


Genius Resin System

Genius© Resin System      

A unique resin system successfully tested to inhibit unwanted growth of bacteria


  FRP grating is weaved by glass fiber staggered and molded by resin casting the overall . It has a lot of regularly distributed grid, and has the mechanical characteristics of biaxial stress. The use of fiberglass products in the corrosive environment is the most ideal choice. FRP grating can be widely used in chemical industry, papermaking industry, power plants, sewage treatment plants, smelters, salt, nuclear power plant, battery production, mining, food processing plants. At the same time, FRP grating is also applicable to all types of building facilities.